Human Spirit Story: A Life of Adaptations

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"Mary Elizabeth, my grandmother, left her sheltered Anglican life in the English  Harrogate Countryside to find adventure in 19 years of age in 1907"

"Phillip lived out the rest of his life in the loving care of my grandmother. He used crutches and a wheelchair for the rest of his life until he passed away aged 75 with shrapnel still embedded in his spine.    I remember him well as a lovely man who never complained and was always willing to listen to others with a deep compassion. My mother grew up with the same outlook on life and always had care for others having had a father in this position."

"I do admire my grandmother who  had a very hard time bringing up children with a disabled father and never had respite from her daily tasks but who always had time to tell her grandchildren stories of her lovely childhood in England and how she found solace in aspects of her religion as well as parts the religion of her husband.  My mother grew up with a mixed religious background which made her a very moral and strong character, After my mothers rather unsettled start to life she flourished in Adelaide and passed away two years ago aged 107 years and her life is another interesting story."

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